GBC CZ SP-01 DarkForce Pistol Carbine Aluminium Matt Black

GBC CZ SP-01 DarkForce Pistol Carbine Aluminium Matt Black

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GBC CZ SP-01 DarkForce Pistol Carbine Aluminium Matt Black

Product code:GBC-320

GBC CZ SP-01 DarkForce Pistol Carbine Aluminium Matt Black

This is the ONLY PISTOL CARBINE that fits the CZ 75B SP-01 Shadow

Pistol & C-More Sight Not Included

This GBC Product is manufactured using the very latest CNC Machinery by Gun & Bell Custom Percision, in their New Modern Workshop in Rotorua, New Zealand

The DarkForce Pistol Carbine is made from Billet Aluminium which offers slightly more weight, which helps in control of recoil, keeps Carbine on a consent parallel line for fast accurate shooting


  • Full Length Picatinny Top Rail
  • 5-Way Stock
  • Quick Retain and Release Pistol Holding System
  • Will accept Suppressors up to 36mm in Diameter

Of all the Pistol Carbine's currently on the market today, the DarkForce is by far the easiest one to fit a pistol into. It literally only takes two seconds to install and when you remove, again a couple of seconds. This has come about by the pistol being held in the Pistol Carbine Frame by the Picatinny rail on the CZ75B SP-01 Shadow Pistol

Pistol Carbine is approved by Pistol New Zealand for both IPSC 3-Gun and Steel Challenge shooting, it now opens the door for many more "B" Endorsement shooters to participate in these events at a price affordable to most shooters

Many Pistol Clubs are restricted in the use of Center Fire Rifles on their ranges thoughout NZ and therefore are not in a position to run 3-Gun events, now with the Pistol-Carbine being approved for 3-Gun, these matches can now be shot using the DarkForce Pistol-Carbine Conversion and shot as a Pistol-Carbine Rifle

The DarkForce Pistol Carbine provides you with a better grip and much more stability, now you can use your pistol for a greater range of matches, faster aiming, better accuracy, far greater distance shooting and a platform for many accessories

Purchasing Information:

When purchasing a DarkForce Pistol-Carbine Conversion please complete a Gun Supplies AUTHORISATION FORM, this must be signed by your local Arms Officer proving that you are a current "B" Endorsed license holder

No Permit to Procure is required

Please note that some MINOR fitting may be required

Brand GBC Precision Parts
Model DarkForce Aluminum Black
Fits CZ 75B SP-01 Shadow (Not Included)
Overall Length 24.2" (615mm) with Retracted Stock to 27.2" (692mm) with Extended Stock
Height 5.5" (140mm)
Width 2.6" (66mm) Frame Width Only
Weight 2.7lb (1.22kg) (Pistol not inclued)
Frame Aluminium
Sights Not Included
Colour Matt Black
Extras Short Picatinny Rails (Mounted on the left and right hand side of the DarkForce Frame)
Second Charging Handle (Comes with one only)
Additional Information Please note that some MINOR fitting may be required
Important Information


A firearms license with the appropriate “B” endorsement is required to purchase the above item. GUN Supplies Ltd recommends that any person interested in purchasing restricted firearms from us, contact us by telephone or email in the first instance to discuss the purchasing procedure.