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USED CZ 75B SP-01 Open Semi Auto Pistol 9mm

CZ, SP-01 Shadow Open, 9mm, 17, Detachable, Single Action, 102 mm, Polycoat, C-More SlideRide, Straight, Ambi-Manual, CZ Competition, GBC, Black/Blue, GBC BigMouth, GBC Grippy Grips, Czech Repulic
List price: NZ$3,389.45
You save: NZ$889.50 (26%) Save 26%

USED CZ 75B SP-01 Open Semi Auto Pistol 9mm

Note: The firearm you are viewing is a USED CZ 75B SP-01 Open Semi Auto Pistol 9mm fitted with blue parts.

Is your eye sight letting you down? Then its time to change to a Red Dot Sighted pistol, take a look at this!

Gun & Bell Custom has taken this used CZ 75 SP-01 pistol in excellent condition and has completely rebuilt it to bring you an exceptionally accurate and easy to use firearm of unrivalled quality.

Fitted out with GBC Compensator, Slide Racker, Red Dot Mount with Thumb Rest, magwell and Grippy Grip II Alloy Grips, it’s an excellent pistol for IPSC and Steel Challenge shooting minor loads. (Pistol is not designed to shoot major loads)

The Pistol has a Black Poly-coat Slide and Frame with a Black Alloy Compensator contrasting with Custom Blue GBC modified accessories.

Additionally the pistol has been fitted with a single stage alloy trigger and newly designed CZ competition SA hammer.

With GBC emblazoned into the blue aluminum grips, this pistol stands out from the Standard CZ SP-01 Shadow.

Thanks to its unparalleled accuracy with the C-More Red Dot Sight (not Included) when fitted to any pistol, this type of set up is getting more and more popular among shooters with failing eye sight.

Costs to build CZ 75B SP-01 Open Pistol: (it should be noted all the parts fitted to this pistol are brand new)

  1. CZ SP-01 Shadow Pistol $1199.95
  2. GBC Grippy Grips $209.95
  3. GBC Magwell $249.95
  4. GBC 90 Degree Red Dot Mount $399.95
  5. CZ Competition Hammer $219.95
  6. GBC Threading Barrel for Compensator $119.95
  7. GBC Adapter for Compensator $180.00
  8. GBC Compensator $249.95
  9. GBC Slide Racker $149.95
  10. GBC Trigger Job $199.95
  11. GBC Trigger Spring Kit $59.95
  12. Alloy Single Stage Trigger $149.95

Total Cost $3389.45, this without any labour added to put the pistol together, makes for a great buy at $2499.95!

Huge Saving of $890.00 ...... Great buying at 2499.95!

Product Overview:

  • Overall Condition: Very Good
  • Bore Condition: Bright like new
  • Finish: Very Good, all alloy parts new
  • Grip Condition: New GBC Alloy Grippy Grips
  • Magazines: Comes with two 17 round mags
  • Condition Grade: 85+% (pistol only)

We also would like to think we under rate all our second hand firearms, to give the best possible accurate description of their overall condition.

If its not what we say, we guarantee a full refund.

Current Firearms Licence Required with "B" Endorsement


Firearm Brand:
SP-01 Shadow Open
  • 9mm
Magazine Capacity:
Magazine Type:
Action Type:
Single Action
Barrel Length:
102 mm
Firearm Finish:
Red Dot Sight:
C-More SlideRide
Trigger Type:
Safety Type:
CZ Competition
GBC BigMouth
Grip Type:
GBC Grippy Grips
Country of Manufacturer:
Czech Repulic