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GBC CZ Shadow 2 EXTREME DarkSide Semi Auto Open Pistol 9mm

CZ, Gun & Bell Custom, EXTREME, 9mm, 19 or 25, Single Action, 4.72" (120mm), 1357g (2.99lbs), 75mm (At extreme points), 70mm, 446mm, Cerakote, Black/Blue, GBC Grippy-Grip 2 , C-More SlideRide, Wide Ambidextrous, CZ Straight, CZ Competition, GBC Extreme 4 Port, Czech Repulic/New Zealand, GBC Bigmouth
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GBC CZ Shadow 2 EXTREME DarkSide Semi Auto Open Pistol 9mm

The CZ Shadow 2 EXTREME DarkSide Semi Auto Open Pistol comes from the stable of Gun & Bell Custom guns, built from the standard CZ 75B Shadow 2 Semi Auto Pistol, GBC has customised a standard production pistol into a fully Open Division Race Gun capable of shooting both Standard and Major 9mm loads.

This pistol represents an absolute, no compromise, in unsurpassed craftsmanship of the highest standard, not only by the precision of fit and finish, but also by the range of accessories that have been fitted to this pistol making it an impressive Open Division Race Gun.

All individual parts are custom fitted to each pistol, we use our new GBC Grippy Grip 2 Grips and our newly designed GBC Big Mouth Magwell along with another newly designed product the GBC Cocking Lever, designed so you don't have to take off the lever to remove the slide.

Then there is the completely re-designed GBC 90 degree C-More Scope Mount with an integral Thumb Rest, the mount is designed with less height from frame to top of slide so when looking through the C-More SlideRide red dot sight the dot is low on top of the gun.

When designing the scope mount we wanted to get the dot as low as physically possible on top of the pistol, making the dot only fractionally higher than if looking through standard iron sights, so to help achieve this we have milled the top of the slide, but only to the point that the slides integrity is not compromised.

What we have achieved is that the pistol is shot at the same height when holding the pistol, exactly the same when shooting a production pistol, this is unlike so many other open class pistols out there, where the pistol has to be held lower by the shooter to see the dot when shooting the gun, this can take a lot of time to learn!

As for the compensator, yet another item that has been totally re-designed, to start with we have a single larger Hybrid Port (unlike previous compensator which had three) so when shooting major loads this hybrid port releases early gas pressure. Then we have three other Progressive Ports getting lower and larger along the compensator dispersing the gases quickly and efficiently, holding the pistol level for fast accurate shooting.

A single action trigger is fitted with a lighter trigger, sear and main spring, making for a 2.0 to 2.5lb trigger pull.

Last but by no means least, we have styled the pistol to look like nothing else out there? …… If you spend the money, it not only has to operate perfectly, but look the part! ....... We know this does!

This pistol is Black with all the alloy parts anodsied Blue.

It's not called EXTREME for nothing!

Current Requires Current Firearm Licence with "B" Endorsement


Firearm Brand:
Gun & Bell Custom
  • 9mm
Detachable Magazine Capacity:
19 or 25
Action Type:
Single Action
Barrel Length:
4.72" (120mm)
1357g (2.99lbs)
75mm (At extreme points)
Overall Length:
Firearm Finish:
GBC Grippy-Grip 2
Optic Sight:
C-More SlideRide
Safety Type:
Wide Ambidextrous
CZ Straight
CZ Competition
GBC Extreme 4 Port
Country of Manufacturer:
Czech Repulic/New Zealand
GBC Bigmouth

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