Para-USA TTR Semi Auto MSSA Rifle 223 Rem

Para USA, TTR, 223 Rem, Semi Auto, 16.5" Chrome Lined, 1 : 9 Right Hand, Phosphate, Black, GBC 3 Port, Flat Top Picatinny Rail, Manual Safety on Lower, Single Stage, Magpul MOE Rifle Stock, GBC AR15 Pro 1 Series Free Float Alloy Handguard 12", Magpul, No Sights Supplied
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Para-USA TTR Semi Auto MSSA Rifle 223 Rem

Para-USA TTR (Tactical Target Rifle)

This MSSA Rifle is a smart looker and exceptionally reliable firearm.

The Para Tactical Target Rifle has a Delayed Impingement Gas System (DIGS) that gets you back on target faster than any other rifle of its kind.

We have upgraded and modified this MSSA rifle to suit any situation the rifle might find itself in when being shot.

This rifle is fitted with the GBC AR15 Pro 1 Series Free Float Alloy Handguard 12", GBC 3 Port Muzzle break, Magpul MOE rifle butt-stock and a Magpul pistol grip.

We have also modified the gas block fitting an adjustable gas screw, so now the gas flow can be adjusted when shooting with a suppressor.

The Tactical Target Rifle will fit you well and is ideal for 3-Gun type matches.

Current Firearms Licence Required with "C" or "E" Endorsement


Firearm Brand:
Para USA
  • 223 Rem
Action Type:
Semi Auto
Barrel Length:
16.5" Chrome Lined
1 : 9 Right Hand
Muzzle Brake:
GBC 3 Port
Upper Receiver:
Flat Top Picatinny Rail
Safety Type:
Manual Safety on Lower
Single Stage
Magpul MOE Rifle Stock
GBC AR15 Pro 1 Series Free Float Alloy Handguard 12"
No Sights Supplied

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