CZ 75 KADET 2 Adapter Kit 22LR

CZ, Kadet 2, 22LR, Semi Auto, 187mm, Length: 123.5mm, 475g, Black, 10 +1, Adjustable Rear
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CZ 75 KADET 2 Adapter Kit 22LR

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The second generation of the separate conversion kit designated as the CZ 75 KADET 2 Adapter Kit is a top end assembly unit for CZ 75 series of pistols, including CZ 75B, CZ 85 and CZ 75B SP-01 allowing the firing of the 22LR caliber cartridges.

The Kadet 2 conversion kit has its own sights adjustable for elevation and windage, so the original pistol sighting-in is not affected.

It is essential to note that when using this conversion kit on the CZ 75B SP-01 and CZ 75/85 that the conversion kit contours are not in line with the frame of these pistols. The reason for this is to optimize the Kadet 2 conversion kit for the frame of the standard size pistol. Gunsmithing maybe required to fit correctly.

Fitting of the conversion kit should be done by an authorized armorer or gunsmith. The correct function is ensured by proper match of the conversion kit with the pistol's frame.

This conversion kit cannot be used for following pistols models CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORT, CZ 75 Phantom and CZ 75 Shadaw 2


  • Economical shooting, especially advantageous during practicing
  • Good grip in either hand
  • High accuracy of fire
  • Long service life
  • High reliability
  • Easy to adjust open sights
  • Suitable for IPSC shooting practice
  • Firing pin block safety
  • Out of battery disconnect

Firearms Licence Required: "B" or "C" Endorsment


Firearm Brand:
Kadet 2
  • 22LR
Action Type:
Semi Auto
Overall Length:
Barrel Length:
Length: 123.5mm
Magazine Capacity:
10 +1
Adjustable Rear

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