BUL Cherokee FS Semi Auto Pistol 40S&W

BUL, FS Cherokee, 40 S&W, Semi Auto, 8.5" (215 mm), 4.4" (111 mm), 28.4" (805 g), 32.3 mm, 5.5" (140 mm), 14+ 1, Manual, Conventional Double Action (DA), Injected Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Carbon Steel, Injected Fiber Reinforced Polymer, 3 Dot - Sight to Sight Distance 156mm (other options available), Comes with 2 magazines, cleaning kit and polymer case

BUL Cherokee FS Semi Auto Pistol 40S&W

The New Cherokee Pistols, take a good look, it's an excellent "Production Division Pistol"

Continuing and surpassing the huge success of its predecessor, the new Cherokee line of pistols offers a totally new and modern frame design, resulting from three years of extensive market research and development.

Learning and understanding the needs and harsh demands of the law-enforcement SWAT officer and the skillful Spec-Ops operator, the New Cherokee delivers even more than these professionals would expect from their service sidearm

Lightweight & compact, yet extremely rugged, easy to use & carry, large magazine capacity (17+1 of 9x19mm), low on recoil, ultra ergonomic, SAFE & RELIABLE, perfect for the IPSC Production Class

New additions and options have been added to the New Cherokee:

  • Tactical accessories mounting rails
  • Enlarged & squared trigger guard, allowing use with gloves
  • Telescopic stock for use with the G-Cherokee FS model (optional)
  • Corrosion resistant "BUL-Tough" finish
  • Stippling and thumb-rest on the grip's both left & right side-panels
  • Checkered back-strap.

Current Firearms Licence Required with "B" Endorsement


Firearm Brand:
FS Cherokee
  • 40 S&W
Action Type:
Semi Auto
Overall Length:
8.5" (215 mm)
Barrel Length:
4.4" (111 mm)
28.4" (805 g)
32.3 mm
5.5" (140 mm)
Magazine Capacity:
14+ 1
Safety Type:
Conventional Double Action (DA)
Injected Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Carbon Steel
Injected Fiber Reinforced Polymer
3 Dot - Sight to Sight Distance 156mm (other options available)
Extras :
Comes with 2 magazines, cleaning kit and polymer case

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