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GBC Fiber Optic Tubing

GBC, Fluorescent Fiber Tubing , Fiber Optic Tubing, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, .50mm,.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
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GBC Fiber Optic Tubing

All of our Fluorescent Fiber Tubing is made by FOP in the USA, designed & manufacturer especially for firearms & archery sights, its the best Fluorescent Fiber Tubing you will find to replace the old tired fiber tubing you have in your firearm at present.

The fiber is made from a polystyrene surrounded by a clear acrylic. Special Fluorescent Dyes are added to the Core where they absorb UV light and emit visible light. Light is refracted within the core giving an excellent hi visibility front sight that requires no batteries.

The sizes we carry will fit most Firearm and Archery sights. Most firearm manufacturers have their fiber made when the sight is designed so purchasing an aftermarket fiber may not fit exactly into your sight pin holes. You may need to heat or drill your sight to fit, but 90% of the time our fibers fit A-OK !

Cut fiber with a sharp razor and if it requires bending use a Lighter or Flame.

Once fiber is fitted to the sight heat each end so fiber mushrooms.

Please use a Lighter or Flame NEAR but not TOUCHING the fiber in order to make bends and mushroom caps in fiber !

Comes in approx 70mm lengths, 1 length per packet.

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Brand Name:
Fluorescent Fiber Tubing
Manufacturing Material:
Fiber Optic Tubing
Red, Green, Yellow, Orange
.50mm,.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm