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Vector Optics Snap Caps 223 Rem

Vector Optics, Snap Caps, 223 Rem, Anodised , Red

Vector Optics Snap Caps 223 Rem

Comes as packs of six (6), they're brightly coated with red anodising, each with a hole in them, there's no mistaking that they're Snap Caps and not live ammo.

They are Totally .... Totally Safe.

Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum, they are dimensionally correct as per standard factory ammo and they will function (by hand) like live ammo.

They are really good, not just for dry firing but for reloading and fire training as well. ... Snap caps aid in tactical reloading practice too. It's perfectly safe.

Snap Caps ... What are they?

It's a device which is shaped like a standard firearms cartridge, but contains no primer, propellant or projectile.

Snap caps are designed to be used in training or practice, snap caps rounds are used to demonstrate and practice tactical reloads, helps shooters gain conference with the firearm.

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Brand Name:
Vector Optics
Snap Caps
223 Rem