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GBC AR-MAX Over-Barrel 38mm Modular Suppressor

GBC, Gun & Bell Custom, AR-MAX, AR Platforms, 223 Rem/556 Nato, Duralumin Alloy, Hard Anodised, Black, 1/2"-28 UNEF, 168mm, 168mm x 38mm x 7.5mm, 249g, 38mm, New Zealand, Barrel Bush required to be milled to suit individual barrel diameters
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GBC AR-MAX Over-Barrel 38mm Modular Suppressor

This is the "ALL NEW" Gun & Bell Custom AR-MAX Over-Barrel 38mm Modular Suppressor. This centerfire suppressor is designed to be used on AR15 Platforms and comes fitted as a standard feature with a Stainless Steel Blast Modular Baffle.

To start with these suppressors are manufactured in New Zealand using the highest grade spec aluminum available, imported from overseas.

The outside diameter of this suppressor is only 38mm, not only is it one of the most effective sound reduction suppressors around, but with its concave front plate and fluted rear outer tube angling down to the barrel, its also the best looking.

With the smaller outside diameter tubing of the S-MAX Suppressor, its more proportionality correct with the size of the rifle, which makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

This GBC AR-MAX Over-Barrel 38mm Modular Suppressor configuration has a optional choice of two different over-barrel Outer Body Shell lengths, either 70mm or 112mm, with 5 baffle modules (First baffle being Stainless Steel) making it perfect for the AR15.

The baffles with many hours of research put into designing them, are extremely effective for the size and weight.

It also only takes seconds to un-screw each baffle, disassembling them for cleaning, between each baffle is an O Ring for total sealing.

The barrel isolater tube, which fits inside the modular over-barrel outer tube of the suppressor, will accept barrels up to 22 mm (7/8") in diameter.

The thread size available on this suppressor is: 1/2"-28 UNEF.

This GBC AR-MAX Over-Barrel 38mm Modular Suppressor is suitable for 223 Rem or 556 Nato or can be used on any centrefire Sporting or Hunting rifle up to a caliber 6.5mm

All S-MAX Suppressors have a Life Time Warranty. (Excluding bullet strikes and normal wear & tear)

This GBC AR-MAX Over-Barrel 38mm Modular Suppressor is ideal for the following calibers.

  • 223 Rem/556 Nato
  • Centrefire up to 6.5mm

If you are unsure which suppressor is right for you, please contact us directly before you purchase.

Additional Standard Module Baffles:

  • These can be purchased at check out and are used to improve sound reduction making for a quieter suppressor
  • They add 21 grams in weight to the Suppressor.
  • Adds 17mm to the total length of the suppressor.

Stainless Steel Module Baffles:

  • These basically act as a blast shield baffle to an existing modular suppressor, they are fitted as the first baffle, being ideally suited for semi auto, short barrel and magnum calibers rifles, but also used with normal caliber rifles, as they will extend the life of the suppressor.
  • They add 68 grams in weight to the suppressor.
  • Adds 17mm to the total length of the suppressor

Accessories Gun Parts

Brand Name:
Gun & Bell Custom
Fits Models:
AR Platforms
223 Rem/556 Nato
Manufacturing Material:
Duralumin Alloy
Hard Anodised
Muzzle Thread Size:
1/2"-28 UNEF
Overall Length:
168mm x 38mm x 7.5mm
Country of Manufacturer:
New Zealand


Additional Information:
Barrel Bush required to be milled to suit individual barrel diameters